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Quick edit your ACF-content - a plugin for WordPress

Quick Edit ACF

Quickly edit your ACF content without having to leave your page.

Last updated: May 2024
Quick Edit ACF
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Quick Edit ACF
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Quick edit your ACF-content without having to leave your page.
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We love ACF and we want to make it even easier for editors to handle their content with Quick Edit ACF.

Quick edit your AFC-content

Edit all your ACF-content with having to leave your page. Just login, browse your website and start editing.

Works with all ACF fields - incl. PRO

Quick Edit works with all ACF fields. Including all PRO fields like Repeaters, Flexible Content etc.

Easy setup. Just install and start editing

There's no setup required. Just install the Quick Edit ACF plugin and start editing.

It's free

Yes, it's 100% free


Are there any requirments?

Not really. Just have ACF (free or Pro) installed in your WordPress-site. We recommend using WordPress 6.x and PHP 8.x

You can read more about us here but the short version is that we’re an small digital agency from Denmark that develop WordPress-sites and plugins.


SkovJacobsen ApS - Vestergade 12, Copenhagen - info@quick-acf.com - VAT 34899576